Cali Raised LED

How Consistent Branded Content Helped Drive $50K+ in Monthly DTC (Direct To Consumer) Sales

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Cali Raised LED has been a successful brand since it's start. With such wide variety of SKUs they offer for the Toyota 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra, Lexus models and more - it's hard to cover every product in detail via social channels alone. Cali Raised LED turned to TrailCo for an editorial approach to ranking on Google for thousands of keywords on hundreds of topics covered at length. We've consistently executed content production on well over 100+ SKUs that continues to surge traffic in the SERPs today.

About Cali Raised LED

Cali Raised LED is a manufacture of off-road and overland parts/accessories, primarily focused in the Toyota/Lexus space. They are one of the largest manufactures of Toyota armor, accessory brackets, molle panels and so much more.

Challenge: Growing Visibility

With the high volume of products that Cali Raised LED pushes out each year, it's hard to cover each of those products in detail. Whether that's from an installation, review or overview context - how do you cover over 500+ SKUs in detail on social, web, in addition to product page? Garnering that much coverage is nearly impossible unless you have a content production team in-house. Cali Raised LED turned to TrailCo because of our expansive creator network.

Impact: Evergreen Relationships

Over a year of content production, we have created over 75+ pieces of social and web content gaining an absolutely impressive 1.9M impressions with an average of $50K per month in gross revenue. In addition to consistent branded editorial, we've run a successful 6-figure group buy and have made countless introductions to some of their top social producers today.

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