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How Branded Content Helped Drive Awareness to Go Fast Campers New Topper

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With the wildly successful launch of their V1 Camper, GFC was clearly on to something. The innovative design led to the V2 truck camper and ultimately the new "topper" or as some refer to it, a "Camper Shell". Given the competition around the camper shell space for mid-size trucks, GFC knew this was a task outside of their cult-like following on Instagram. They needed to reach new audiences. The target market for camper shells is very different than a truck bed camper and that's where TrailCo stepped in, to position the content strategy towards a new market, not yet tapped by GFC.

About GFC

GFC is the undisputed founder of the overland truck bed pop-up camper for the Toyota Tacoma. They have dominated this market segment for years. GFC manufactures all it's products in Bozeman Montana. All the machined parts, pieces and even the fabric are sourced in the USA. After years of dominating the truck bed camper segment, GFC launched their "topper" or as many refer to it, a camper shell.

Challenge: Growing Visibility

As GFC grew it's exposure on their incredibly popular truck camper, many of the community members called for a camper shell. Something without a tent attached to it, or as the rest of the world refers to it, a "camper shell". This was new territory for GFC and rightfully so. They had only ever dabbled in the camper space. They built a bullet proof topper and realized the same community that called for the product was not following through with a sustainable conversion. They needed an alternate source of traffic. GFC has always been a grass roots Instagram brand, so they never needed to rely on outside sources. That's when GFC turned to TrailCo.

Impact: Strongest Topper In The Game

We positioned the Toppers messaging through the help of 8 strategically selected Influencers, YouTubers and editorial copy writers. We assigned each creator 5-10 pieces of content over 12 months. Each creator launched a series of editorial on TrailTacoma.com targeting SEO keywords in Google such as "best tacoma camper shells" "best Tacoma Toppers" and many other targeted creative variants. In one year, we created over 20+ pieces of editorial that reached over 400K+ search impressions. These are targeted Tacoma individuals specifically looking for the best Tacoma camper shell on the market. In addition to editorial visibility, we garnered 500K+ social impressions.

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