Relations Race Wheels (RRW)

TrailCo Generated $1.2M for RRW in 30 Days - Boasting an Impressive 12,000% ROAS

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Relations Race Wheels launched a series of wheel designs, the RR6 and the RR7. Both are similar but have slight differences. The RR7 features 15 beveled spokes and the RR6 features 16 smooth spokes. Being a smaller wheel company at the time (comparatively speaking), RRW wanted to make a big entrance to the market. That's when RRW turned to TrailCo and we generated an outstanding 12,000% ROAS through our proprietary 90-day campaign that ends with a 30-day Group Buy.

About RRW

Relations Race Wheels is a start-up wheel company, primarily focused in the Toyota space. They design all their products in Southern California and have some of the most modern simplistic designs in the off-road industry.

Challenge: Growing Visibility

An entrance into the off-road wheel market is no easy task, even if you have a killer design. Wheels can be a hard thing to push if you're a new brand. It's slow, takes a ton of brand awareness, and its not something that PPC or Meta ads can tackle with a simple targeted demographic ad-set. What RRW needed was an organic push into the market from not only Influencer and product seeding but something with some WOW factor.

Impact: Dopest Wheels in the Game

RRW wanted the biggest possible push that TrailCo could offer so we leaned on our proprietary 90-day campaign that ends with a 30-day group buy. The first 30 days is a specific run of seeding, the next 30 days contains an interactive engagement data-focused run, and the last 30, we go big. We'll spare you the finite details but these campaigns always end with an outrageously high ROAS. We carefully curated 10 hig creators in the space specific to a style of build that's most consistent with the intended target audience. We vetted over 50 creators and ultimately went with the 10 we thought were best for the campaign, not necessarily the creators with most followers. The campaign ended, we sold almost 1000 sets of wheels and grossed RRW $1.2M in 30 days. A task that is not possible with PPC or Meta ads alone for this use-case. The post-campaign goal was evergreen-driven and we feel confident that our initial push has positioned RRW on the map in the Toyota space for a go-to wheel company. Post campaign, there are roughly 10K+ pieces of content on social media showcasing the wheels purchased from the campaign.

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